Q: Has your Ancestor Research service ever been recommended?

A: Yes! Please feel free to take a second and look through all the video testimonials, plus other “Reviews” located on “LaSonya L Ancestor Research Specialist” Facebook Business Page.

Q. Do you offer Ancestor Research services outside of the USA?

A. No! At this time my service only extends to the USA.

Q: Do I have to pay upfront for my Ancestor Research Packet?

A: No payment is needed until I’m 100% sure I’ll be able to assist you. If I am able to assist you, an initial PayPal payment of $65 will be due immediately in order for me to research and present a brief descriptive list of all my findings. Once I present a brief descriptive list of my findings. A Final PayPal payment of $65 will be due in order for me to create a beautifully DIGITAL organized and detailed Microsoft Word and a PDF Packet filled with the found information. It can easily be shared with family or friends and passed down to future generations.

Q: What is required to get started with tracing my Ancestors?

A: Name, State, and Birth Year of your Ancestor that was born before 1938.

Q: How do you verify that the found information is my Ancestors?

A: My Clients are the ones who verify my findings. In the initial stages, I ask my clients a series of questions. Then I take that information and do a small search. Within that search I can determine, If I’m able to assist my clients. I present Names, Dates, Relatives or other minor information to my clients, in order to make sure I have located the correct Ancestors. Once my clients verify the found information, I begin to gather all the other material.

Q: How long does it take for me to receive My Ancestor Packet?

A: Some clients have received their material in less than 24 hours.

Q: How is the Ancestor Packet delivered?

A: Once the Packet is complete it is immediately delivered to your requested Email.

Q: What format is used to create my Ancestor Packet?

A: I create my clients Packets in a Microsoft Word and a PDF document. With a Microsoft Document my clients will be able to add additional information to their Packets. The PDF also provides a clean, sleek and appealing design.

Q: Once I receive my Ancestor Packet, how can I further my research?

A: With your new-found information you can decipher if your Ancestors were enslaved. Once that is determined you can search for possible slave masters.